Hellenic Music and FrΑnce

15 February 2007-3 March 2007

French Institute of Athens

Sina 31, tel. 210 3398600

Exhibition: 15/2/2007-3/3/2007


  • 15/2/2007, 20:30: L. A. Bourgault-Ducoudray, Melodies Populaires de Grce & d' Orient. Marina Theodoropoulou, soprano / Yannis Tsanakaliotis, piano

  • 23/2/2007, 20:30: Piano recital of Athina Fytika. Works by Samaras, Levidis, Papaioannou, Varvoglis, Poniridis, Sfetsas, Riadis, Kouroupos

  • 2/3/2007, 20:30: Hymns of the Orthodox Mass harmonized by Emilios Riadis and L. A. Bourgault-Ducoudray. Participating: Vocal Ensemble of the Music Department of the Ionian University (directed by Miranda Kaldi), Corfu Cantors Vocal Ensemble (directed by Eustathios Makris) and the Youths Choir of the Saints Cyrille and Methodius Church of Thessaloniki (directed by Maria Emma Meligopoulou)

Colloquium: "Hellenic Music and France", 24/2/2007, Auditorium of French Institute, 10:00 a.m.

09:30 Registration

10:00 Inaugural speeches 

  • Session Ι: French Music in Greece

10:30 Panos Vlagopoulos, The hellenic reference  in the works of Guillaume Du Fay 

10:50 Kostas Kardamis, The musical theatre and the revolutionary ftes in Corfu during the period of Revolutionary French (1797-1799)

11:10 Stela Kourbana, French operatic troupes in Greece 

11:30 Haris Xanthoudakis, L.A. Bourgault Ducoudray  and the traditional music of Greece


  • Session ΙΙ: Hellenic music in France Ι

12:00 Giorgos Kostantzos, The case of Konstantinos Nikolopoulos

12:20 Dimitris Brovas, Opra comique as seen from Nikoalos Halikiopoulos Mantzaros's perspectives 

12:40 Aura Xepapadakou, Harikleia Darcle: her french debute


  • Session ΙΙΙ: Hellenic Music in France ΙΙ

13:10 Dimitris Giannelos, L.A. Bourgault Ducoudray  and the orthodox sacred music 

13:30 Markos DragoumisMelpo and Octave Merlier and the research of the hellenic traditional music

13:50 Makis Solomos, Greek composers in the 20th-century France