Music Creation and Practice in Modern Greece

Honouring Nikolaos Halikiopoulos Mantzaros (1872-2022)


Corfu, 8 to 10 April 2022


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Hellenic  Music Research Lab (HMRL) was founded in 2000 with a resolution of the then Administrative Committee of the Ionian University. The organisation of its structure was put on an official footing with the Presidential Resolution 185/03. Its aim is the coverage of research, educational and artistic needs of the Music Department of the Ionian University in regard to the History, Aesthetics, Analysis and promotion of Hellenic Music of all periods (Ancient, Medieval and Modern) and dimensions, with emphasis on the genres of art music. In order to fulfill the aforementioned scopes HMRL has initiated activities in the fields of basic and archival research, concentration of bibliography and recordings, publications, recordings, concerts, organization of conferences etc.

Its premises include a library, a sound collection, archives and technical equipment. The personnel of the HMRL consists of academics of all grades, researchers and specialized staff.

HMRL has already in its credit; i) the support of twenty four doctoral theses regarding Hellenic music, ii) the completion of a program funded by EU ("Herakleitos"), iii) the approval of a research program assigned by the Hellenic Parliament (January 2005), iv) the publication of several musicological books beginning with Nikolaos Halikiopoulos Mantzaros: a contribution for the 130 years from the composer's death (Corfu, 2003), v) multiple contribution in the publication (twelve CDs and book in Greek and English) Works by Greek Composers of 19th and 20th Century of the Cultural Olympiad (2004), vi) the organisation of several conferences and colloquia on annual basis, vi) the publication of the journal Moussikos Ellenomnemon, (2008-2015) vii) the co-publishing with the Athens Conservatory of the journal Neos Moussikos Ellenomnemon (2018-), ζ) the co-editing of the three-volumed History of Music in Modern Greece (2021-22).

One more important initiative that has already begun to be materialized, are the Monuments of Neohellenic Music. This is a bilingual (Greek and English) series of critical editions of important works of art music by Greek composers. The first volume of the Monuments has already been released. The executive committee of the project consists of Panos Vlaghopoulos (Ionian University), Byron Fidetzis (Athens State Orchestra), Haris Xanthoudakis (Ionian University) and Kostas Kardamis (Ionian University). Its scientific consultant is Professor Jim Samson (Royal Holloway, University of London).

Part of HMRL is also the vocal ensemble "Corfu Cantors", which supports in practical and artistic level the special scientific interest for the research, cultivation and promotion of the hellenic church music in all of its aspects with emphasis on the local traditions of the Ionian Islands.

HMRL is directed by the Associated Professor of the Music Department of the Ionian University Kostas Kardamis. Its funding is based exclusively on resources not related to the university, donations, research programs, assignments of projects and provision of scientific products.