News of the Hellenic Music Research Lab

07/03/2022: The wind bands of Corfu in the Ministry of Culture National Catalogue of Intangible Cultural Heritage. A statement by the Ionian University's Rector, Prof. Andreas Floros, on the importance of this inclusion and the HMRL contribution.

20/01/2022:  History of Music in Modern Greece (Athens Conservatory, 2021). Launch of Volume 1. Co-editied with the Athens Conservatory Research and Documentation Centre. ISBN: 978-618-85896-0-5

15/10/2021:  Neohellenic Music. History and historiogrpahy. On the occasion of the  50 years since Spiros Motsenigos passing away. ISBN: 978-960-99715-3-9. Co-published by the Corfu Philharmonic Society.

09/02/2021: Music Creation and Practice in Modern Greece. Honouring Nikolaos Halikiopoulos Mantzaros (1872-2022). Conference, Corfu, 8 to 10 April 2022

01/10/2020: Windband in Greece: History and Perspectives. Conference Proceedings. ISBN: 978-960-99715-2-2. Co-published by the Corfu Philharmonic Society.

19/4/2019: Opera and the Greek World during the Nineteenth Century. ISBN: 978-960-7260-63-5. Digital publication (ebook). Full access in May 2019.

12/4/2019: Neohellenic Music. History and Historiography On the occasion of the  50 years since Spiros Motsenigos passing away. Conference, Corfu, 13-15 March 2020

26/12/2018: HMRL on the occasion of the passing away of Theodoros Antoniou (1934-2018)

We express our grief for the loss of Theodoros Antoniou, composer, teacher, donor and friend, who played central role in the musical matters of Greece. Antoniou had inextricable friendly and musical bonds with Ionian University. Regarding the HMRL in particular, we had the privilege to be the recipients both of his generosity and of a significant part of his personal library. We will always remember him with respect and love.

For the Hellenic Music Research Lab

The Director

Associate Professor Panos Vlagopoulos

1/6/2018: Windbands in Greece.History and Perspectives. Conference, Corfu, 6 and 7 April  2019

15/9/2016: Moussikos Ellenomnemon 21-22

30/3/2016: Opera and the Greek World during Nineteenth Century. International Conference. Corfu, Greece, 17-19 November 2017 (Deadline, 31 December 2016)

1/2/2016: Moussikos Ellenomnemon 20

2/6/2015: Moussikos Ellenomnemon 18-19. Music and Ionian Islands

15/2/2015: Archival Exhibition: From Camille Saint-Saëns to Pierre Boulez: 100 years of French musical presence in Greece (beginning: 17.2.2015, French Institute of Athens / 26.3.2015, Athens Conservatory)

15/6/2014: Moussikos Ellenomnemon 17

20/4/2014: Moussikos Ellenomnemon 16

15/2/2014: Moussikos Ellenomnemon 15

15/9/2013: Moussikos Ellenomnemon  14

10/04/2013: Moussikos Ellenomnemon  13

15/10/2012: Moussikos Ellenomnemon  12

15/04/2012: Moussikos Ellenomnemon 11

10/01/2012: Moussikos Ellenomnemon 10

1/12/2011: Multiple participation of HMRL in the collective volume In the musical steps of the Neohellenic Enlightenment published by the Society for the Study of Greek Enlightenment.

30/11/2011: Lecture by Kostas Kardamis entitled Spiros Samaras: Some unknown biographical evidence and compositions of a Corfiot composer. Corfu, Auditorium of the Corfu Philharmonic Society, 20.30. The lecture is part of the Society's activities related to the anniversary of the 150 years since Spiro Samara's birth.

1/11/2011: Moussikos Ellenomnemon 9

26/10/2011: Lecture by  Panos Vlaghopoulos entitled The magic blossom of Spiros Samaras. Corfu, Auditorium of the Corfu Philharmonic Society, 20.30. The lecture is part of the Society's activities related to the anniversary of the 150 years since Spiro Samara's birth.

17/10/2011: Presentation  of the volume Dimitris Mitropoulos and the Athens Conservatory (Corfu, HMRL, 2011) edited by Aris Garoufalis and Haris Xanthoudakis (Athens, Athens Conservatory, 13.00).

28/9/2011: Lecture of Professor Haris Xanthoudakis entitled  Samaras and "national music". Corfu, Auditorium of the Corfu Philharmonic Society, 20.30. The lecture is part of the Society's activities related to the anniversary of the 150 years since Spiro Samara's birth.

20/9/2011: Participation of HMRL in the collective volume of the Corfu Philharmonic Society entitled Spiridon-Filiskos Samaras [Spiro Samara]: an homage to the 150 years since the composer's birth.

1/5/2011: Participation of HMRL in volume 8 of the journal  19th-Century Music Review, which explores music in 19th-Century Greece. The articles are accessible online.

15/3/2011: Moussikos Ellenomnemon 8

26/01/2011: Lecture of Professor Haris Xanthoudakis entitled Depictions of the Nation in 19th century Greek Music. Corfu, Auditorium of Corfu Philharmonic Society, 20.00

14/11/2010: Concert An homage to Dimitris Mitropoulos; 50 years after his passing (Athens, The Athens Concert Hall. Scientific supervision: Prof. Haris Xanthoudakis and Yannis Sambrovalakis)

01/11/2010: Moussikos Ellenomnemon 7

01/09/2010: Emmanouela Kavvadia, Aspects of Contemporary Jewish Music in Greece: The Case of Judeo-Spanish Songs of Jewish Community of Thessaloniki (with the kind permission of Goldsmiths College, University of London)

10/06/2010: Moussikos Ellenomnemon 6

01/03/2010: Moussikos Ellenomnemon 5

24/02/2010: Dimitri Mitropoulos 14 Inventions on poems by C. Kafavy and Jani Christou 6 Songs on poems by T.S.Eliot to be performed in Athens (Athens Megaron Concert Hall, 20.30). Co-organized with The Athens Concert Hall

01/02/2010: 7th Annual Seminar on Ancient Greek Music (Corfu, Ionian Academy, 5-11 July 2010). More details

14/12/2009: Moussikos Ellenomnemon 4

07/12/2009: The book Nikolaos Halikiopoulos Mantzaros: 'Unity within multiplicity by Kostas Kardamis was awarded by the Union of Greek Theater and Music Critics with the 'Distinction for Musicological Publication 2009'.

02/12/2009: "Music in the ancient Greek comedy through the theories of the sophists". Lecture of Andromache Batziou in the Auditorium of Philharmonic Society of Corfu.

01/12/2009: "The meeting with 'european music' in 19th-century Greece". Lecture of Prof. Haris Xanthoudakis in National Hellenic Research Foundation.

15/7/2009: Moussikos Ellenomnemon 3

01/02/2009: Four essays on the Neohellenic Musical Enlightenment are included in the current volume (No. 26) of the journal O Eranistis. The authors are Emm. N. Fraghiskos, Haris Xanthoudakis, Stella Kourbana and Kostas Kardamis.

20/01/2009: Moussikos Ellenomnemon 2. 

07/10/2008: The orchestra of the Department featuring concert arias of Nikolaos Halikiopoulos Mantzaros participates in the parallel activities of the colloquium "25 Years of Research and Offering of the Hellenic Universities in the Education and the Development of the Country" (Athens Concert Hall, 19.30)

15/09/2008: Moussikos Ellenomnemon. Official launch of HMRL new bulletin.

1/2/2008: The library of HMRL opens officially for the public in the western wing of the Palace of St. Michael and St. George in Corfu.

04/12/2007: Dionysios Solomos-Nikolaos Mantzaros: Concert in the Academy of Athens presenting settings of Solomos's poems by Mantzaros (Athens, Academy of Athens, 19.00)

19/10/2007: The traditional sacred music of Corfu, a lecture-recital by Eustathios Makris with the participation of the "Corfu Cantors" (Corfu, Corfu Reading Society, 20.30)

09/06/2007: Colloquium, Music Education in Greece: from the past to the future (Athens School of Fine Arts, 9 June 2007).

02/06/2007: The Greek song of the Middle War era. A concert presenting works by Attic, Chaeropoulos, Yakovlef, Giannidis, Spartakos. Eustathios Makris (piano), Kalliroe Raouzaiou (voice), organised by the Reading Society of Corfu. (Corfu, Reading Society of Corfu, 20.00)

07/05/2007: HMRL's Bulletin online (in Greek only).

23/04/2007: "Corfu Cantors" participate in the mass of St. George's church in the Old Fortress of Corfu featuring Mantzaros's orthodox mass in its original form (for the first time since 1834), as well as hymns of the orthodox church according to the chanting tradition of Corfu.

03 and 04/4/2007: Eustathios Makris and Kostas Kardamis in the Hellenic State Radio of Corfu. An interview to Maria Pagratis regarding Nikolaos Halikiopoulos Mantzaros's orthodox mass and the septinsular tradition of chanting.

15/2/2007-3/3/2007: Hellenic Music and France (exhibition, concerts, colloquium), Athens, French Institute of Athens

15/11/2006: "... according to the style of the Corfiots" according to the style of the Corfiots": Concert of the "Cantors of Corfu" featuring vocal church music of the corfiot tradition (Corfu, Ionian Academy)

10-12/11/2006: Participation of HMRL in the Conference Solomos-Mantzaros-Polylas organized by the Corfu Studies Society.


01-09/07/2006: 3rd Seminar for Ancient Greek Music: "Music in the comedy [Aristophanes and the fragments]" (Corfu, Ionian Academy)

30/05/2006: Music critic and musicologist George Leotsakos's nomination as Emeritus Doctor in Musicology of the Music Department.

10-12/05/2006: Seminar sessions: Music-related information in non-musical archives (Corfu, General State Archives-Historical Archives of Corfu)

05-07/05/2006: International Conference: Aspects of Hellenism in Music

02-07/05/2006: "Cantors of Corfu" in Sicily («Παραδόσεις: La musica bizantina fra tradizione scritta e orale»)

09/03/2006: Official presentation of the series Monuments of Neohellenic Music (Athens, Benaki Museum)

23/01/2006: International Conference: Aspects of Hellenism in Music (Athens, 5-7 May 2006), Call for papers

10/11/2005: CD release: Nikolaos Halikiopulos Mantzaros (1795-1872): Early Works

03/10/2005: Awards for student essays on Hellenic music. Submission of essays until 31 May 2006.

15/07/2009: Moussikos Ellenomnemon 3