A.R.T.E. – immersive environment

Apostolos Loufopoulos, Fanis Maragkos, Minas Emmanouil, Thanasis Epitidios.

A.R.T.E. (Artficial Restoration of Transmuted Environments) is an audio-visual immersive environment for realistic and artistic multimedia projections.

A.R.T.E. features a 9m cylindrical screen, where video and images can be projected at 270 degrees, and also a 5.1 surround audio system. Visuals are projected by 5 mini projectors, placed above the screen and driven by a central computer.

A.R.T.E. is developed by a group of artists, researchers and educators. It has been firstly established through the project ‘opticoacoustic ecology’ at the TEI of Ionian Islands, as a medium to reproduce audio-visual recordings of landscapes of the Ionian Sea.

The A.R.T.E. platform embraces artistic experimentation, and constitutes an effort to discover new ways of artistic expression, but also to develop new standards in digital media productions.


1.    The Fog

(Artistic representation of spaces on mount Ainos, Cephalonia)

http://arte270.com/projections/ (preview)



-Part 1: Deep Forest, by Apostolos Loufopoulos

-Part 2: Ainos Sunshines When It’s Gone…, by Minas Emmanouil

-Part 3: Peristilio, by Thanasis Epitidios

-Part 4: Antennas, By Fanis Maragkos



2.    Realistic Views:

Realistic spaces of the Ionian Sea, captured in 270 degrees

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K_an9UP2-Hs (preview)

         Website: http://arte270.com




Apostolos Loufopoulos composes electroacoustic music and works with digital media. Ηe studied at the Ionian University (BA) and City University (PhD). His music is often performed worldwide and has been awarded at international competitions such as ARS ELECTRONICA (Austria), Bourges, SCRIME, Noroit (France), Metamorphoses, Space of Sound (Belgium), Franco Evangelisti (Italy), Musica Nova (Czech Rep.), D.Dragatakis (Greece). His music research focuses on the sound of nature, and the potentiality of soundscapes as sound-sources for musical composition. He has completed a related post-doctoral research on soundscapes and composition at the Ionian University, and at present he works on related recording projects co-ordinated by the TEI of Ionian Islands. He has participated and been member of organizing boards at conferences such as SMC’07, WFAE’11, 2nd Greek Conference for Acoustic Ecology, Electroacoustic Music Days (07, 09, 12), ICMC 2013. He is a founding member of HELMCA and the Hellenic Society for Acoustic Ecology. He teaches at the Technological Institute of Ionian Islands. http://apostolosloufopoulos.wordpress.com

Minas Emmanouil studied electroacoustic music, sound technology and audio engineering at the Ionian University. In 2001 he continued his studies in electroacoustic music at CITY UNIVERSITY, London, at a postgraduate level (MA in composition). Since 2002 he composes music for theater and documentaries. In parallel he works as a sound engineer in a number of concerts and studio music productions. In 2004 he participated in a book writing regarding the life and work of M. Theodorakis (Savvalas editions). At present he works as an audio engineer and music producer at the studio ‘Mousiki kai Mousiki’, in Athens, while since 2006 he teaches at the TEI of Ionian Islands, department of Sound Technology and Musical Instruments, and at the Laboratory of Professional Journalism in Athens. His works have been performed in Greece and abroad. He has been awarded the Lilian Voudoudi Foundation grand.

Fanis Maragkos studied music technology and acoustics at the TEI of Crete and at the University of York, UK (MSc in Music Technology). He has worked as a sound engineer in radio stations ‘En Lefko’ and ‘SKAI’ in Greece. Also, as a sound engineer he has participated in at least 150 live performances of music groups and songwriters of a variety of musical styles, including Blues, Jazz, Rock, Salsa and Latin. His research focuses on the recording of urban and natural soundscapes utilizing stereo and surround techniques in different microphone arrays and placements. He is also interested in embodying recordings of interesting acoustic spaces to modern music productions. He was board member of the organization for festivals ‘Days of electroacoustic music 09-12’. He has a number of publications and conference presentations. He is an active member of the Hellenic Society for Acoustic Ecology. Since 2008 he teaches sound engineering and music technology at the TEI of Ionian Islands, Department of Sound Technology and Musical Instruments.

Thanasis Epitidios composes electroacoustic music and is interested in sound design and artistic multimedia creations. At present he is completing his studies at the department of Sound Technology and Musical instruments at the TEI of Ionian Islands. He has participated in the organization of festivals (Days of Electroacoustic Music 07,09,12) and his works are performed in Greece and abroad. Since 2011 he participates in the recordings group of the TEI of Ionian Islands, in the projects ‘Ionian Music Archive’ and ‘Opticoacoustic Ecology’, where he works on stereo and surround sound recordings, and artistic creation via the digital elaboration of sound and image. He is a founding member and developer of the A.R.T.E. audio-visual platform, together with Apostolos Loufopoulos, Minas Emmanouil, and Fanis Maragkos.