Katharina Ebner Electroacoustic Sounds in Film


Electroacoustic music has a small but significant role in narrative film; it has been used in just some films but all of them became important contributions to cinematic history. The talk will focus on the role of electroacoustic sounds in some of these films, from the early use of the theremin up to the pioneering soundtrack of Louis and Bebe Barron for the Science-Fiction film Forbidden Planet (1956) up until Tarkovskijs Solaris (1973). The focus of my analysis lies thereby on the relationship between sound and vision and particularly on the significance of electronic music in the diegesis, the spatio-temporal continuum of the film.

Katharina Ebner is an art-historian with a focus on film and sound studies, curator and producer of talks and symposia with an international focus. Works also as a travel guide in Vienna.