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City the space, City the place, City the live organism with its own history and tradition, consisting of ecosystems and individuals who coexist immersed in the Sound they produce and they receive.
Exploring the ramifications of the sonic aspects of the City, EPHMEE, the Electroacoustic Music Research Lab of Ionian University's Music Department, organizes a series of Concerts, Workshops and Seminars as a part of the 7th Audiovisual Arts Festival 2013 in collaboration of the Departments of Audio &Visual Arts and participates to the 4th Summer Academy of the Department of Music Studies.

Τhe PROGRAM> includes

-- Electroacoustic Music Concerts at the Ionian Academy Auditorium, every day at 19.30 and 20.30 (except Tuesday 25/6: 19.00
and Saturday 29/6:21.00)

-- 3 Seminars by Simon Emmerson, 26 to 28, 11.00 to 14.00 room 304 Music Building, Old Fortress Corfu

-- Lectures at Polytechno Art Cafe (Saturday 29/6, starting at 11.00)

-- Music Pedagogy Seminars Thursday 27/6 to Sunday 30/6, various places
    by Ioanna Etmektsoglou, Zoe DIonysiou, Katerina Tzedaki, Gina Giotaki and Carole de Haut-Darwiche(*)

-- Audiovisual Installations at Ionian Academy and Polytechno Art Cafe



With support by the Listening Cities Project -GRUNDVIG -