Electroacoustic Music Marathon

Ionian University Student and allumni/ae works

Corfu, Tuesday 25/6/2013 – starting at 19.00








minor changes are expected

Part   1




Dimitris Tsilimigkakis

Εrgasia teliki 6 min

Alexandros Alexakis


Dimitris Ellinas


Panagiotis Pandis

Complicated Situations

Iason Pierakos


Aggelos Mitsios
Thanassis Epitideios


Piercing succesive surfaces

Efthymis Alefragkis


Pantelis Petrou

Its raining - soundscape of a

Giannis Sevaslidis


Eleftheria Oupala


Vyronas Dolas

Electronic piece





Part   2




Iliana Karaligka


Demetris Savva


Ioannis Spyrakis

River Mood

Ioannis Andriotis

Shades of Life- Negative Space

Markos Moraitis

Strings Attached

Ioustini Eloul

No 3

Kyriakos Tsoukalas




Part  3




Georgia Kalodikis

Leave Me Alone

Lina Alexaki


Anti Dima
[Vaia Kalatha - Voice, Penelope Baila - Flute]

Psychotic Behavior

Stavros Papoutsis

Half Drop

Nikos Massaras


Stavros Sakellariou


Giorgos Stylianou-audio, Stefanos Papadas-Video Constantinos Kepolas -Graphics

Rheon (audio-visual)









Program Notes


Part  1st


Students of the Electroacoustic Music Composition classes present their final projects.  Α.Μn.





Part  2nd


Iliana Karaliga                                                                                  Cassandra

According to Greek mythology, Cassandra was the Trojan seeress who uttered true prophecies, but lacking the power of persuasion, she was never believed. Cassandra also gives the name to a beautiful place in Ηalkidiki, Greece. Cassandra’s fate also in antiquity and at present times is not so good.  This place in the north of Greece looses its beauty every day because of the felling of its forest. The place is rich in gold and copper but it is sold out to a foreign company for only a few Euros. Greek people have nothing to earn but only to loose the beauty and magic of the nature.  This work is dedicated to this natural disaster.


Iliana Karaliga was born in Kozani, Greece and she is an electroacoustic and contemporary classic composer. She has been studying music theory, harmony and saxophone from a young age. She graduated from the Department of Music Studies of Ionian University, Corfu. She has studied classical and electroacoustic composition with Joseph Papadatos, Dimitra Trypani, Andreas Mniestris and Theodore Lotis and electronic music ensemble with Tim Ward. She is a member of HELMCA and of live electronics duo InGrains. Her main musical interest is performing live electronics with sound installation as interactive art technology.



Dimitris Savva                                               Balloon Theories

 ‘I was always enjoying squeezing balloons, pressing them with my fingers until they pop… It has not been up until now that I realized why…’


Biographical note: Dimitris Savva was born in Cyprus, 1987. He recently received his Bachelor degree in music composition from the Ionian University of Corfu.  He had contemporary composition courses with Joseph Papadatos and Dimitra Trypani He is currently studying for a master degree in electroacoustic composition at the University of Manchester with Dave Berezan. 



Ioannis Spyrakis                                                                       River Mood

River Mood:  A composition for 4 channels based on a children rhyme with strong the element of questioning on the impact of human activity on the natural environment around a river.


I.S. was born in Athens, 1968. He studied Musicology at the Aristotle University of Thessalonili and Εlectroacoustic Composition with Andreas Mniestris at Ionian University (MA, 2011)



 Ioannis  Andriotis                                                    Shades  of  Life:  Negative  Space

Negative Space (2013) is part of a series of five autonomous short pieces for fixed media titled Shades of Life. Each piece scrutinizes a particular aspect of life or daily scene while at the same time projects several forms of human interaction on a conceptual/abstract manner.

Negative space is an imaginary site where the unconscious clashes the reality. It is the place where our true desires, thoughts, and feelings fight for domination against daily strains on an effort to become part of our real world.

Ioannis Andriotis is a Greek composer born on September 5th 1983.

He studied music composition at the Ionian University, Corfu – Greece with George Kouroupos and Joseph Papadatos. He subsequently attended the University of Oklahoma where he received his Master in Classical and Electroacoustic Composition under the instructions of Dr. K. Karathanasis and Dr. M. Lamb. Currently, he accomplishes his DMA at the same University.  His composition to date has included works for acoustic instruments, fixed media, live electronics, installations, international biennales, as well as music for theatre and movies. His work has been presented around Europe, USA and the Middle East.


Markos Moraitis                                                         Strings Attached

The strings that vibrate, creating sound and liberating the spirit.

The strings that are stretched, moving the puppet, imprisoning it.

It all depends on how one sees it...


Markos Moraitis:  Born in Thessaloniki in 1988, he grew up in Corfu. In 2013 he graduated from the Music Department of the Ionian University, completing his studies on electronic music composition. He is also involved in hip-hop as a lyricist, MC and music producer. 


Ioustini Eloul                                                                          No. 3

Τhis piece was composed for the Electroacoustic Music Composition class. 

Ioustini Eloul is studies Video Art and Electroacoustic Music at the Department of Audiovisual Arts.


Kyriakos Tsoukalas                                                               ElectroNoise (live electronics)

Noise, textures, rhythms, extemporization - mix well and amplify to 85-88dB for some time

Born in Volos, studied electronic engineering, western music theory and sound design.

Kyriakos develops human-computer interfaces for electronic music sound synthesis and

performs with free/open-source software. 




 Part 3d




Georgia Kalodiki                                                                        Leave Me Alone

‘Leave me alone’ is a work based on selected excerpts from the original soundtrack music composed for the surrealistic Man Ray’s silent film ‘Emak Bakia’ (commissioned by Athens Music Hall and played by Kamerata Orchestra for ensemble and electronics in 2012). The film is a kaleidoscope of images that blurs the distinction between reality and representation, showing elements of fluid mechanical motion in parts, rotating artifacts showing his ideas of everyday objects being extended and rendered useless. The difference between human life and abstract is distorted by shots showing things such as a human figure motion being mirrored by a representative, simplified set of lines. Composing the music for ‘Emak Bakia’ (‘Leave me alone’ in Basque), I followed the film’s dreamlike sense of ambiguous reality achieving the surrealist’s goal of directly capturing the unheralded movements of the mind, free of all the superficial structure of rational thinking. 

Born in Athens (1975) she has a Master and a PhD in acoustic composition from Goldsmiths College, University of London with the English composer Roger Redgate. She has also studied composition with Yannis Ioannidis, Joseph Papadatos and Alexandros Kalogeras, music for cinema and mixed media with Alexandros Mouzas as well as classical guitar with Elena Papandreou. She attended lectures and Master classes with well known composers such as Alvin Lucier, Christian Wolff, Rebecca Saunders, Bryan Ferneyhough, and Theodor Antoniou.Her compositional work includes solo, chamber and orchestra music as well as electronic music and music for mixed media. Her interests are focused on the interactive relation between form and material in contemporary music, experimenting on the wide range of possibilities arising from this interaction. She is currently a PhD candidate at Ionio University of Corfu in Electroacoustic Composition with Theodor Lotis. Her works have been performed and received distinctions in Greece and abroad (Goethe institute, Athens Music Hall, Janacek conservatory - Czech Republic, Old Operating Theatre of London, Tsai Perfomance Center - Boston University, Alte Schmiede -Vienna), by well known ensembles as Kreutzer quartet, Soozvuk ensemble, Kamerata orchestra of Greece, Orchestra of Colours, Greek Ensemble of Modern Music, ALEA, Red Note Ensemble etc. She has received commissions from Boston University, Kapodistrian University of Athens, Orchestra of colours, Acanthes 2007, the Athens Youth orchestra ASON, Red Noise Ensemble, Dissonart Ensemble etc. Her music has published from Subways Records. She has composed music for four silent movies in Kakogianni foundation (Fred C. Newmeyer’s Safety last, Charlie Chaplin’s The kid, Y.Protasanov’s Aelita: Queen of Mars, Josef von Sternberg’s Underworld) for the 2010-2012 Greek Silent cinema Festivals. She’s has also composed music for theater productions (The waking of the deads, Henrik Ibsen -2011, Gaslight, Patrick Hamilton-2012, Director Roula Pateraki). She is also a member of The Greek Composers Union and a columnist for the greek music periodical “Polytonon”.



 Lina Alexaki                                                                             iLand(t)

"...chiseled by wind and rain"

iLand(t) is the tape part of my composition entitled iLand, for small ensemble & tape. It was at first conceived to be performed simultaneously with the ensemble part, creating an interaction between the two sound-worlds. However, it ultimately emerged as a sound-world on its own, able to be performed independently. The piece is a painting, a metaphor of my impression of the island of Corfu, where I had been living for 6 years, studying composition at the Ionian University. For the tape part I have used and manipulated mainly sounds recorded in Corfu.


Lina Alexaki is a composer of contemporary classical and electroacoustic music who lives and works in Thessaloniki, Greece, where she was born and raised. She graduated with a first-class honours degree from the Department of Music Studies of Ionian University, Corfu. There, she studied both classical and electroacoustic composition, with professors and mentors Joseph Papadatos, Andeas Mniestris, Dimitra Trypani and Theodore Lotis. She is a member of HELMCA and of live electronics duo InGrains. Her main focus is mixed composition, the combination of electroacoustic music and computer technology with more traditional instrumental and vocal composition. She also has a fascination with world music, especially of Celtic, Chinese and Indonesian tradition, and she relishes the incorporation of rare and unusual instruments into her compositions, drawing inspiration from their unique sound colour and technical features. She showed musical interest at a very young age and started taking piano lessons at four. At the age of nine she enrolled at the Contemporary Conservatory of Thessaloniki, Greece, where she took courses of piano, classical singing and acquired degrees in harmony, counterpoint, jazz singing and electronic music. She has also studied audio engineering at Pythagoras Institute of Vocational Training, and works as a freelancer composer, audio engineer and music teacher.


Andi Dhima                                                                    Psychotic Behavior (electronic flute and voice)

Vaia Kalatha - Voice, Penelope Baila - Flute

Is about the modern time person trying to find a place in modern society .
He is doing that by paying a heavy price ,loosing his self , his name ,  his identity ,
his own existence. In the end he will be wondering who really is and what is his purpose .

Andi DHIMA: student at Department of Audio Technology and Musical Instruments, member HELMCA. Hobby: Electroacoustic music, video editing, video art, sound design, soundscape and field recording, photography


Stavros Papoutsis                                                           Half Drop

I do not want to bore ... Hear my effort to get over the three-minute pieces that I made so far. Anyone who understood the meaning of the title to call me.

Stavros Papoutsis is eternal student of Audiovisual Arts


Nikos Massaras                                                                         Glitch

“Glitch” musical piece was composed using techniques that produce the aesthetics of Glitch music genre. I worked with short parts of sound material, of only a few milliseconds duration, trying to create an imaginary sonic world through what one could call "sonic garbage", sonic parts that I would normally correct or change. The result is a 20:43 minutes piece, whose structure is divided in five parts.

Nikos Massaras was born in Athens. In 2005 he graduated from the department of Music Technology and Acoustics of the Technological & Educational Institute of Crete. He worked as a live and studio sound engineer and as a producer in music industry. In 2009 he was admitted to attend “Sonic Arts and Technologies” masters program in the Ionian University Department of Music Studies, from which he graduated in 2011 with a degree in Electroacoustic Music Composition.

Giorgos Stylianou (audio)                                                                          Micro-Structures
Stefanos Papadas (video) Constantinos Kepolas(graphics)
The work is based on the various forms that water can take, under the influence of natural or external factors. The work is inspired by the following excerpt of Gaston Bachelard’s essay “Water and Dreams: An Essay on the Imagination of Matter”:
...“A drop of water, a strong drop of water, is enough to create a world and destroy the night.
...In order to dream of the force, it doesn’t take more than a drop of water that we will imagine in depth.
...Then, the strengthened water becomes a seed and gives life an inexhaustible thrust.”

The contributors of this work are at the final year of studies at the School of Audio & Visual Arts of the Ionian University. Stefanos Papadas comes from Chalkida and his main interests are: video, installations and painting. He has participated in various individual and group exhibitions of drawing, photography and video. Konstantinos Kepolas comes from Cyprus and his main interests are: photography, video and electronics (circuit bending). He has participated in various individual and group exhibitions of photography and video, among which the 25th Instants Vidéo Festival in Marseilles in 2012. Giorgos Stylianou also comes from Cyprus and his main interests are: electroacoustic music composition, sound arts and installations. His work has been exhibited in Corfu in 2010 and 2012 Audiovisual Arts Festival of the Ionian University, he has participated in music groups of various genres as a guitarist and has taken part in recording sound for short films and documentaries.