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Low Brass Ensemble

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Greek version

Just Tuba low brass ensemble initiated its activities in 1999 under the guidance of the tubist George Rarakos (member of the Athen's State Orchestra and of Melos Brass quintet). Its members are Sp. Rouvas, Al. Rouvas and Al. Dimitras (euphonium), and G. Rarakos, K. Kardamis, Sp. Thymis (tuba).

Tuba quartets and low brass ensembles in general, which are particularly cultivated in central Europe, Britain and USA, countries of deep tradition in brass playing, have demonstrated the almost inexhaustible capabilities of these "gigantic" instruments beyond their "traditional" role. The development in brass playing that can be observed in Greece in recent years has led the members of Just Tuba to seek in such an ensemble a way to express themselves musically, creating and maintaining the only -we'd like to hope, for the time being- permanent ensemble of its kind in Greece.


5th Ionian Summer Music Academy

Brass and Woodwind Section

Corfu, 1-10 July 2007