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Low Brass Ensemble

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The members of the ensemble

28/8/2003, clockwise: (first row) Kostas Kardamis, Alekos Dimitras, Spiros Thymis (second row) Alekos Rouvas, Spiros Rouvas


Yorgos Rarakos: professor of tuba in the National Conservatory of Athens and in the Corfu Conservatory, principal tubist of the Athens State Orchestra and of Melos Brass Quintet.

Spiros Rouvas: graduate of the Music Dpt of the Ionian University, certificated trombonist, music teacher, conductor of the Scripero Philharmonic Society.

Alekos Rouvas: student in the Music Dpt of the Ionian University, studies trombone and music theory in the Ionian Music School.

Alekos Dimitras: member of the band of Philharmonic Union "Kapodistrias".

Kostas Kardamisgraduate of the Music Dpt of the Ionian University and of University of London (Royal Holloway), musicologist (PhD), certificated tubist, music theory teacher in Philharmonic Society of Corfu.

Spiros Thymis: certificated tubist, teacher in the Music School of Corfu, Ionian Music School and in the Philharmonic Society of Corfu. He is also a member of the band of the Philharmonic Society of Corfu