Modelling the Public Sector Information through CIDOC Conceptual Reference Model

Lina Bountouri, Christos Papatheodorou, and Manolis Gergatsoulis

Abstract: Nowadays, due to the growing development of eGovernment information systems, there is an increasing need to handle Public Sector Information (PSI) in a homogeneous way. Ontologies are currently a powerful tool to act as semantic reference models for the development of information systems and as semantic mediators for achieving interoperability. In this paper, we analyze the procedures that lead to the PSI's production and management and we present all the concepts and agents that relate to it. Based on this analysis and given that CIDOC CRM ontology is able to define the rich semantics of the historical records' production and management, we propose the CIDOC CRM to represent the public records' conceptualization and to act as a reference model for PSI.
Keywords: Public Sector Information, eGovernment, Ontologies..