Workshop: Developing Digital Libraries

Friday, June 21, 2002

Ionian Academy, Corfu, Greece

The European Network of Excellence in Digital Libraries DELOS, and the Archive and Library Sciences Department of Ionian University organized a workshop on "Developing Digital Libraries" with distinguished speakers from Greece and other countries in the European Union.

The presentations were addressed to personnel of Greek Libraries, and other organizations that manage content. The goal of the workshop was to update all participants on the organization, the developing stages and the opportunities on the development of Digital Libraries in Greece, and we invited them to exchange concerns, ideas and views. It showed the nature and basic elements of the Digital Libraries, the digital objects and the meta-data, it indicated how the digital libraries can be organized and it demonstrated some successful digital libraries. It also gave emphasis to issues that concern most new digital library developers, such as digitization guidelines and calls for digitization.

The participation was open to all, and free of charge. We had about 110 participants, mainly library personnel from different libraries throughout the country and senior students from the department of Archive and Library Sciences. The workshop was a success, with good presentations and many useful discussions, in the panel and during the breaks.

The final workshop program was:

Most presentations were in Greek, and the ones in English had on-line interpretation into Greek. The workshop maintained a web site, at,

Apart from the main supporter, DELOS, the Network of Excellence in Digital Libraries, that funded the speakers, the Ionian University gave the room and the equipment (projectors, headphones for the on-line interpretation, etc) and five more companies-sponsors provided the coffee breaks, lunch, a dinner for the speakers, and other material (including the book "The Digital Library Toolkit" that was distributed to the participants) that was distributed to the participants.

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