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DImitris Marangopoulos

After learning the piano and the accordion privately, he took lessons in harmony, counterpoint and composition with Yannis Andréou Papaïoannou (1969–72), and political science courses at Athens University, graduating from there in 1977. He also studied composition at the Berlin Hochschule der Künste with Frank Michael Beyer (1972–6). After returning to Greece, he worked with Hadjidakis at Hellenic Radio, and taught music at Athens College (1981–4), the Marasleios Pedagogical Academy (1983–5) and Athens University (1984–5). He also served as head of music for the second channel (ET2) of Hellenic TV (1984–5). In 1988 he became head of music in the Vólos Municipal Arts Department and director of the Vólos Municipal Conservatory; his efforts led to the founding of the Vólos SO in 1992. In 1994 he was appointed director of Yéfyres (Bridges), a central section of the Athens Concert Hall organization. He is currently president of the Music Department of the Ionian University.

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