Dr. Panayiotis Vlamos

Panayiotis Vlamos

Dr. Panayiotis Vlamos is a Professor and Head of the Department of Informatics, Ionian University, with Diploma in Mathematics from the University of Athens and Ph.D. in Mathematics from the Department of Mathematics of National Technical University of Athens. He is also Director of the two Research Laboratories: Computational Modeling Laboratory (CModLab) and Bioinformatics and Human Electrophysiology Laboratory (BiHeLab).

His research interests mainly concern protocols for early diagnosis of neurogenerative disease associated with mitochondrial dysfunctions and control mild cognitive disorder, mathematical modeling in Bioinformatics, algorithms on recent advances in Neuroinformatics, image restoration problems and physical- chemical engineering problems.

He has (co-) authored more than 130 papers in international journals, conferences and book chapters.  He is also (co-) author of more than 16 educational books and creator of several educational materials. He has been the principal researcher or a member of several research projects on Mathematical Modeling and Simulation.

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