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Dr. Alexiou Athanasios is a Mathematician with a PhD in Bioinformatics Algorithms and Mathematical Modeling in Biology and a two-years PostDoc Research Fellowship in Neuroinformatics Applications.

Nowadays he is involved into the establishment of the Global Community University as a honorary Admin Rector and Faculty Staff of the under registration Novel Global Community Education Foundation.

He cooperates with the Ionian University at the Department of Informatics in Corfu-Greece as an External Researcher in the Bioinformatics and Human Electrophysiology Laboratory and with the University of Thessaly at the Department of Computer Science and Biomedical Informatics as a Bioinformatics scientific associate and diploma theses supervisor.

He works as a Computer Science and Algorithms-Programming teacher in High and Vocational Schools sponsored by the Hellenic Minister of Education.


His research interests mainly concern: 
  • Algorithms in Neuroinformatics and Computational Biology
  • Bioinformatics tools in Ageing, Frailty and Neurodegeneration
  • Clinical decision support systems
  • Mathematical Modeling in Biology
  • Bioethics and BioArt

The three latest Edited Books in the
Springer Advances in Experimental Medicine & Biology 2015

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