Home page of Sarantos Kapidakis

Web site of my course on Digital Libraries (http://www.ionio.gr/~tab322).

Web site of my course on Electronic Publishing (http://www.ionio.gr/~tab475).

My CV and publications

CV in english (without publications in greek) (http://www.ionio.gr/~sarantos/CV/Kapidakis_Sarantos_en.doc).

My list of international publications (in english) (http://www.ionio.gr/~sarantos/CV/Kapidakis_Sarantos_pubs_en.doc).

My CV in greek (http://www.ionio.gr/~sarantos/CV/Kapidakis_Sarantos.doc). and a shorter edition (http://www.ionio.gr/~sarantos/CV/Kapidakis_Sarantos_short.doc)

The Dublin Core document (v1.0) in greek (http://www.ionio.gr/~sarantos/dc/dublincore10.html)

Selected Source code by Sarantos Kapidakis

RPM package (http://www.ionio.gr/~sarantos/xsrc/xfsft-1.0.3-1.i386.rpm) of the xfsft true-type font server by Juliusz Chroboczek, built for RedHat5.2. It conflicts with the current version of the xfs RPM package.