This is the 5th period of the successful summer series of lectures and seminars, part of the Graduate Program in Sonic Art and Technology of the Music Department of Ionian University.
These modules are taught by internationally distinguished academics, artists and researchers and function in parallel with the Summer Academy of Music, organized by the Music Department and offers the opportunity to students as well as to composers, researchers and educators to explore cutting edge issues related to Electroacoustic Music and music information technology.
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Seminars are taught in English.
This year's program includes:
Advanced Courses on Electroacoustic Music Analysis by Andrew Bentley and Ronald Herrema
Advanced Courses on Electroacoustic Music Composition by Karlheinz Essl and Manuel Rocha Iturbide
Advanced Courses on Computer Music: by Julio d’Escrivan and Andrei Smirnov
Composition Seminar by Steven Miller
Music Production Seminar by Christos Chatzistamou
Seminar by George Papanikolaou

Andrew Bentley (Sibelius Academy, Helsinki): Analysis of electroacoustic music and its place in the musicology of the genre

Andrei Smirnov: Gestural interfaces: live interaction in Computer Music Composition.

Manuel Roha Iturbide: Sound Art: Aesthetic and Technics

Stephen Miller: Soundscapes and Electroacoustic Music

Karlheinz Essl : REALTIME COMPOSITION: Realtime Algorithms, Live-Electronics, (Interactive) Sound Installations, Computer-based Instruments for Improvisation

Julio d'Escrivan: Live performance and Coding using Supercollider

Hristos Hatzistamou: Digitising audio from obsolete media for preservation and archiving purposes.

Ronald Herrema : Music and Generativity: Image, Algorithm, and Voice

George Papanikolaou: Contemporary technologies of Digital Audio and future perspectives

Dr. Andrew Bentley and Dr. Julio D'Escrivan are visiting professors in the frame of the ERASMUS exchange program

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