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The Laboratory of Electroacoustic Music Research & Applications [EPHMEE] and the Music Education and Music Psychology Group of the Music Department of Ionian University lend their ears to the Sound Environment and propose a series of educational, research and artistic activities, the last week of June, dedicated to the Soundscape we live in.

These events include the annual summer school on Music Pedagogy from Monday 24th to Thursday 27th June under the general title "Sound-Motion-Body-Environment: Relations of Understanding, Expression and Creation". A part of the Summer Academy of the Music Department Studies, the seminars and workshops are organised by professors Zoe Dionyssiou and Ioanna Emetskotsoglou and are taught by them along with important guest professors and researchers. This years the guests are Dr. Olympia Agalianou from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens and Dr. Clare Hall from Monash University, Australia.

On Friday, June 28th, a symposium entitled “The Soundscape we live in” is gathering researchers and sound artists from five European research and sonic-arts centres who are presenting the outline of the work carried out within the framework of an ERASMUS+ project focused on the study of the sonic environment and discuss the results and perspectives of this cooperation. “Le paysage sonore dans lequel nous vivons” originates as an initiative by the director of the Groupe Musiques Vivantes de Lyon, French composer Bernard Fort, aiming to study the sonic environment both as a factor of paramount importance to our everyday life but at the same time as a unique source of inspiration for musical creation and education. It was then approved three years ago as a "strategic partnership" project of the ERASMUS+ program joining in collaboration our EPHMEE with four other European centers for contemporary music research and creation, i.e. the above mentioned GMVL - Group of Living Musics of Lyon (FR), Tempo Reale of Florence (IT), Associazione Amici della Musica of Cagliari (IT) and Festival DME (Dias de Música Electroacústica) of Seia (PT). The symposium at Corfu concludes this collaborative project presenting its results to the public.

A series of electroacoustic music concerts go complements, from Tuesday 25/6 until Saturday 29/5, the events of this week. Works by composers affiliated to the five centrers participated to the “Soundscape we live in” project are presenting the works created as a part of it which are based on a series of sound recordings of European soundscapes especially produced during this project which highlight the experiential and semantic elements contained within the “sonic environment we live in”.

This week includes also parallel educational activities, mainly related to the Graduate Program on Sonic Arts and Technologies of the School of Music and Audiovisual Arts of Ionian University. A series of seminars and workshops will be presented by faculty members as well as our guest Prof. Michael Edwards from the Folkwang University of the Arts in Essen - Germany.



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