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QScript is a very powerful scripting library that can be used to evaluate mathematical expressions



is an independent, open source library collection for computational design tasks with Java & Processing developed by Karsten “toxi” Schmidt (thus far). The classes are purposefully kept fairly generic in order to maximize re-use in different contexts ranging from generative design, animation, interaction/interface design, data visualization to architecture and digital fabrication, use as teaching tool and more. Browse to some examples.

  • Get source from bitbucket
  • Download from Download page
  • Copy - paste to Application/librarys folder (restart Processing)
mobile phone


Architecture <2010-11-11 Thu>


Data Visualization from Let's Start with Data my folder here

<2010-09-23 Thu> Create spreadsheet at google document publish it and read it through Processing. Publish through Share. blprnt spreadsheet. EarLab spreadSheet


greek text
Manolis notes <2010-12-16 Thu>
p5 forum PhiLho code <2010-12-16 Thu>
just add All characters when you choose your font
gui for processing <2010-12-16 Thu>

void setup(){ frame.setLocation(1440,0); }

public void init() { frame.removeNotify(); frame.setUndecorated(true); // works.

// call PApplet.init() to take care of business super.init(); }

===================================== better example =====================================

import processing.opengl.*;

void setup(){ size(400,400,OPENGL); background(0);

/ set location - needs to be in setup() / set x parameter depending on the resolution of your 1st screen frame.setLocation(1024,0); frame.setAlwaysOnTop(false); }

void draw(){ stroke(255); line(0,0,200,200); }

public void init() { frame.removeNotify(); frame.setUndecorated(true); // works.

// call PApplet.init() to take care of business super.init(); }

at <2010-12-17 Fri>

create .txt

PrintWriter output;

void setup() { output = createWriter("positions.txt"); } output.println(i+","j","+pixeldata[j][i]); / Write the coordinate to the file output.flush(); / Writes the remaining data to the file output.close(); // Finishes the file

checkout createReader BufferedReader



Plug-In wiki.processing <2010-10-20 Wed>

TextMate bundle


Import xls file with library




Wblut (Frederik Vanhoutte) has made a great job working with solid state. Class definition at reference.



Work with OpenCV library

Code taken from here and edit from Processing from topic (add the following line import java.awt.*;).

Blob documentation from web

area The area of the blob in pixels centroid The centroid or barycenter of the blob isHole Is this blob a hole inside of another blob? length The length of the perimeter in pixels pixels A list of color int, containing the image pixels created by loadPixels() points The list of points defining the shape of the blob rectangle The containing rectangle of the blob

Download Blob Detection library and install (NOT GOOD)

  1. Download the BlobDetection package.
  2. Close Processing if it is running.
  3. Create a folder called blobDetection in processing's libraries folder. Inside this folder, create a library folder.
  4. Copy blobDetection.jar in this new fresh folder.
  5. Launch Processing, a new menu item blobDetection should appear in Sketch/Import Library.
  6. You can manually insert and use the library by inseting the foloowing on top of your main.


last Update <2010-09-16 Thu>

Minim for free samples ng and OSC Setup a usefull template for send and recieve OSC messages with Processing. You can find the code at github mySketch repo OSCTemplate branch.

Processing code

/* Template for OSC control

Aris Bezas Tue, 03 May 2011, 18:17 */

import processing.opengl.*; import oscP5.*; import netP5.*;

OscP5 oscP5; NetAddress myRemoteLocation;

PFont font; int varName;

void setup() { //size(screen.width, screen.height, OPENGL); size(600, 600, OPENGL); font = createFont("Georgia", 12); //.ttf in data folder textFont(font, 12);

background(0); stroke(255); fill(255); noFill();

oscP5 = new OscP5(this, 12000); /listening myRemoteLocation = new NetAddress("", 57120); / speak to

// The method plug take 3 arguments. Wait for the <keyword> oscP5.plug(this, "varName", "keyword"); }

void draw() { OscMessage newMessage = new OscMessage("mouseX position"); newMessage.add(mouseX); oscP5.send(newMessage, myRemoteLocation);

println(varName); }

public void varName(int _varName) { varName = _varName; }

p5-SuperCollider code

Use Cmd+Alt+Ctrl+Shift+ O to control OSC messages //:Start L-System OF.keyword(20)

gicentreUtils: creating data visualization sketches

GLGraphics Library

SelfPortrait with GLGraphics Library of Processing folder


GLGraphics is a library intended to extend the capabilities of the OPENGL renderer in Processing. It includes classes to handle opengl textures, image post-processing filters, 3D Models, and shaders in GLSL, Cg and CgFX. It also includes an offscreen rendering surface with antialias support. Look at the examples below for the details on how to use GLGraphics.

Study the classes of the library

GLTextureFilter intresting link After you define an object you create with the dictionary

GLTextureFilter pulse, zMap; pulse = new GLTextureFilter(this, "pulsatingEmboss.xml"); // at setup

The .xml file has the following structure

<filter name="pulsating emboss"> <description>Dynamic emboss convolution filter with pulsating vertex grid</description> <vertex>PulseGrid.glsl</vertex> <fragment>DynEmboss.glsl</fragment> <textures input="1" output="1"></textures> <grid mode="direct"> <resolution nx="10" ny="10"></resolution> </grid> </filter>

Texture sphere with processing. World simulation TexturedSphere

HYPE, a collection of classes that performs heavy lifting tasks while using a minimal amount of code writing

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