Title: Gea Duo: a live Audio- and Video-Scape Duet

Submission: ICLC2015submission43.pdf

Author: Aris Bezas, Iannis Zannos

keywords: SuperCollider, openFrameworks, Lua

Topics: Creative collaboration through live code, CUIs: Code as live user interface, Live language and interface design, Time in notation, process, and perception, Networked Live Coding, Audio and Graphics in Soundscapes

Abstract: Gea Duo is a live coding duet for SuperCollider and openFrameworks driven by Lua scripts. The temporal structure of the performance is defined as a sequence of beats that are sent by a conductor process to both performers. Together with each beat is sent additional information that characterizes abstractly its function. The performers define in live coding functions that drive sound and graphics synthesis processes in response to the beats.

The performance is an abstract generative piece. The audio part combines sound generated by digital synthesis algorithms with pre-recorded audio samples which are spectrally modified in real time. The video part includes both 2D and 3D graphics and uses OpenGL graphics synthesis as well as shaders.

This performance is based on field sound recordings made in Corfu and Ipeiros, Greece. The score is derived from the audio feature analysis of these recordings. Synthesized audio and graphics is thus synchronized with the actual recorded soundscape. The soundscape drifts between foreground and background, and is projected in space over 8 speakers.

Time: Feb 23, 22:17 GMT

Address: 3 Parodos Nikiofou Theotoki 5 Kerkyra 49100 Greece

Category: Performances (1-2 page abstract and technical rider)

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