IZ SuperCollider setup for org-mode with Chuck extensions

  • scel @ Extensions
  • tiny-sc @ Extensions
  • @ personal/preload
    • org-sc.el
    • sc-snippets.el
  • @ elpa
    • sclang


  • hl-sexp
  • something with delimiters


{} => \noise

in Emacs

C-c M-s sclang-start
C-c C-, eval-line
C-c C-Alt-w workspace
C-c C-s killAll
C-c C-x C-/ restart
C-fn-o switch beetwen sc-mode and org-mode


demonstrating SC to AK



SynthDef("help-WhiteNoise", { arg out=0;,

SynthDef("AK-sin", { arg out=0;,

x = Synth("AK-sin")

SynthDef("AK-sin-1", { arg out=0,takis = 440;,

x = Synth("AK-sin-1")
x.set(\takis, 880)


Installing SuperCollider on Windows 7 and 8 and dealing with 'Device unavailable' could not initialize audio'



Download Earlab collection from : here.


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Core SuperCollider Sites
  • supercollider community homepage
  • sourceforge supercollider download site
  • swiki open resource site includes information on compiling, contributing code, and third party examples
  • james mccartney's homepage (sc's original creator)
  • james mccartney. (2002) rethinking the computer music language: supercollider. computer music journal, 26(4): 61-8
  • downloading supercollider: (also see the sc community page at the top)
  • all platforms (mac, windows, linux)
  • linux compilation instructions older (2009) wesleyan builds for os x, ppc and intel, tiger and panther

tutorials on supercollider:

three come with supercollider: just navigate to them from the main help page a course by julio d'escrivan on sound synthesis using supercollider. there is also a course by david cottle with an associated book and supercollider examples - in order to obtain it you must email him yourself, explaining why you want it (at which point he will give you a download link). he has specifically requested that all potential users are monitored in this way, so i will not paste a direct link here - however, you may also see me in person if you'd like a copy.

some supercollider standalone projects:

tx modular by paul miller lnx studio by neil cosgrove ixiquarks by thor magnusson particularity by cylob beastmulch system by scott wilson and sergio luque there are others around, search for ghost walk, currymeter and more… some supercollider audio examples on soundcloud

sc related blogs

superdupercollider fredrik olofsson cylob supercollider junction (older) general computer music create digital music computer music blog

sound design

  • farnell, andy (2008) designing sound: procedural audio for games and film. applied scientific press. (now published by mit press) the first part of the book, on pd, is available for free download, and there are also some nice example chapters. dan stowell has also supplied translations of some examples to supercollider: [sc examples]
  • sonnenschein, david. (2001) sound design : the expressive power of music, voice, and sound effects in cinema. studio city, ca: michael wiese productions.
  • viers, ric (2008) the sound effects bible: how to create and record hollywood style sound effects. studio city, ca: michael wiese productions.
  • dan's cymbals:
  • recreating james moorer's thx sound by batuhan bozkurt
  • the miranda and cook sound synthesis textbooks have some related materials.
  • sound design blog
  • computer music magazines (music technology, future music, computer music, sound on sound et al.) can be a good source of tutorials and tips sections. an example from computer music of 100 tips

audio analysis, audio feature extraction

  • SCMIR: SuperCollider Music Information Retrieval library by Nicolas Collins
  • spear
  • princeton soundlab live analysis sndtools
  • cylob's extra fft examples (supercollider)
  • scott wilson's loris ugens (supercollider)
  • analysis of speech drives piano
  • spectrotune: supposed polyphonic pitch extraction, really just tracks spectrum [source]

network music

  • jason freeman's work including web projects and articles
  • julian rohrhuber's work: also see jitlib in supercollider, and various quarks…
  • hobnox audiotool: demonstration of the capabilities of flash audio, work by andre michelle
  • andrew hugill's links to accompany the digital musician, especially networked music links
  • peter traub sound installation for the web: bits and pieces (collects sound files each morning and uses them for that days' creation)